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TA approved in Russia for psychotherapy treatment of addictions

We are pleased to announce that Transaction Analysis has been approved as an effective method for psychotherapy treatment of addictions and has been included in the National clinical guidelines of the Russian Ministry of health. This became possible thanks to the work of all our community, and especially professor Dmitri Shustov, TSTA (p), who has long been engaged in research […]

Reviewing and validating the scientific foundations of Transactional Analysis practice and research

Dear colleagues, We need your help. In 2018 EATA Theory Development and Research Committee commissioned a research ‘‘Reviewing and validating the scientific foundations of Transactional Analysis practice and research’.  This is an essential first stage of developing research into effectiveness and efficacy of TA psychotherapy.  Now the researchers have developed a survey asking for your views, experiences and uses of different […]

Marco Mazzetti

President of EATA 2013 until 2015 We find ourselves in a time of transition: the European TA Community has grown greatly during the first decade of this century. It changed deeply its characteristics and moved from a community of psychotherapists to a largely differentiated one: with educators, counsellors and organizational consultants. These changes are quite different in the various countries: […]

Sabine Klingenberg

President of EATA 2010 until 2013 Inspiration for changes…: I wanted to challenge and inspire Council members as well as all members to contribute to Provide continuous professional service Improve the services Use the competencies in the “field” Create transparent and safe processes Create a space for projects, initiative and enthusiasm Create a safe environment for you as delegates as […]

Maria Teresa Tosi

President of EATA 2007 until 2010 I was President of EATA after eight years as one Italian delegate. That long experience in the EATA Council was invaluable to understand the importance of dialogue and cooperation, fostering the inclusion and respect of national associations and individuals. I wanted to stretch the boundaries of EATA to include new resources and challenges from […]

Adrienne Lee

President of EATA 2004 until 2007 It was a search for understanding that fortunately brought me to the TA river in 1971. I wanted to understand why people behaved in different ways, often strange ways. I needed a model to understand the complexities of human behaviour. And since that time my personal and professional life was closely connected to TA. […]

Roland Johnsson

President of EATA 2001 until 2004 In my sailing boat I have a sign that says “I’m the captain of the ship and I have my wife’s permission to say so.” Although this is humorously meant, I think it fit well with my new situation in EATA. ”I was the new president of EATA and I had the Council’s and […]

Jan Hennig

President of EATA 1999 until 2001 During my presidency I was for some time also president of the German TA association DGTA and it was one of my foci to improve and facilitate the co-operation between EATA and its members (and the other multinational organizations (ITAA (International Transactional Analysis Association) and WPTA (Western Pacific Transactional Analysis Association)). The sense of […]


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