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“The Healing Relationship – Psychotherapy of Shame, Confusion and Psychological Withdrawal” Richard Erskine, Ph.D. 15-17 May 2020, Belgrade, Serbia Dear colleagues, We would like to inform you that Richard Erskine, Ph.D. will deliver a three-day workshop entitled: “The Healing Relationship – Psychotherapy of Shame, Confusion and Psychological Withdrawal” from 15th to 17th May 2020 in, Belgrade, Serbia at “Hotel M”.  Richard Erskine […]


Dear colleagues, We are pleased to announce the details of the National Transactional Analysis Conference that will take place in Bucharest, Romania, on October 26th and 27th, 2019. The theme of the conference is “Vitality- Lost and Found” and through this we want to create a space of reflection on vitality in working with our clients. The conference will bring together members […]

TA approved in Russia for psychotherapy treatment of addictions

We are pleased to announce that Transaction Analysis has been approved as an effective method for psychotherapy treatment of addictions and has been included in the National clinical guidelines of the Russian Ministry of health. This became possible thanks to the work of all our community, and especially professor Dmitri Shustov, TSTA (p), who has long been engaged in research […]

Reviewing and validating the scientific foundations of Transactional Analysis practice and research

Dear colleagues, We need your help. In 2018 EATA Theory Development and Research Committee commissioned a research ‘‘Reviewing and validating the scientific foundations of Transactional Analysis practice and research’.  This is an essential first stage of developing research into effectiveness and efficacy of TA psychotherapy.  Now the researchers have developed a survey asking for your views, experiences and uses of different […]

The first “Training Endorsement Workshop“ held at Villars

The first ever Training Endorsement Workshop (years before had existed so called “PTM-work- shops” to train the coming generation of „Teaching members” and after those were no longer organized trainees had to have 3 sponsors (instead of one) to make sure they were duely trained and supervised) took place in Villars in 1984 and was an impressive event with 6 […]

Marco Mazzetti

President of EATA 2013 until 2015 We find ourselves in a time of transition: the European TA Community has grown greatly during the first decade of this century. It changed deeply its characteristics and moved from a community of psychotherapists to a largely differentiated one: with educators, counsellors and organizational consultants. These changes are quite different in the various countries: […]

Sabine Klingenberg

President of EATA 2010 until 2013 Inspiration for changes…: I wanted to challenge and inspire Council members as well as all members to contribute to Provide continuous professional service Improve the services Use the competencies in the “field” Create transparent and safe processes Create a space for projects, initiative and enthusiasm Create a safe environment for you as delegates as […]


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