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Meet ÖGTA – Austria

Hello and a wonderful “Grüß Gott” from Austria. We are the ÖGTA, the Austrian Association for Transactional Analysis. We are quite a small group founded in the 1980s (there have been a few other organizations before and there are a few besides), 49 members, but Austria isn´t that big country either. Additionally there is a special legal situation. Regarding to […]

Meet BATA – Bulgaria

Let’s meet and greet the Bulgarian Association of Transactional Analysis (BATA)!It was founded by four enthusiastic people in June 2013. BATA is a professional non-profit organization made up of people who have shared an interest in transactional analysis as a theoretical model and its development in all four fields of application. BATA is a full member of the Bulgarian Psychotherapy […]

Meet DGTA – Germany

The DGTA exists since 1975 – and meanwhile, we have 2000 members! We organize an annual professional congress for our members and interested professionals, and in alternation two professional days of the application fields. We have committees such as the Training Committee, which organizes the annual Teaching Conference for our 125 teaching PTSTA’s and TSTA’s, as well as designing national […]

Meet SLOVENTA – Slovenia

Slovenian Association of Transactional Analysis – Sloventa has integrated the fundamental Berne concept of ‘I am OK, you’re OK’ into its work. Sloventa was established in 1995. Today, with 111 members, including 8 CTAs-P, 5 PTSTAs-P, 2 TSTAs-P, 1 STA-P and 34 CTA-P candidates, Sloventa encourages and develops the professional competencies of its members and other experts in Slovenia and […]

Meet AIAT – Italy

The Italian Association of Transactional Analysis – AIAT, was founded by Carlo Moiso and Michele Novellino in 1976, and was one of the first TA associations to be present in Italy.AIAT is a non-profit cultural association made up of people (more than 500 members) who share an interest in Transactional Analysis as a theoretical model, in various fields of application. […]

Meet UTA – Croatia

The Croatian Association of Transactional Analysis (UTA) was established in 1998. Initially comprising a small group of around a dozen enthusiasts, it has now grown to include over 90 members. Throughout its existence, UTA has organised four notable international events: two Summer Schools (2010 and 2017), as well as two Outreach Programs (2013 i 2018).The Summer Schools served as platforms […]

Meet USTA – Ukraine

Greetings from Ukraine! We are the Ukrainian Society of Transactional Analysis (USTA)! This year we are already 309 and we plan to grow! We have an interesting and important history of development. The USTA was created just before the pandemic as a space for professional affiliation and development. We would like to tell you how the association has become a […]

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